About Us

conta pyme

Conta Pyme

We are a company that provides professional services in the accounting financial area in an integrated way, providing accounting, labor, tax and administrative solutions, being a great support for the control of its clients.

Always thinking about your represented, we designed the various activities and reports with which to obtain multiple benefits. Get the most out of your money, we are an alloy that works hand in hand with you to provide in a responsible, timely and efficient manner all the elements and tools necessary to make the most successful financial decisions.

Our Values

  • Vision

    To be an entity recognized nationally and internationally for its work and impetus in the development of accounting information through new services and achieving decision making in the shortest possible time for the well-being of our clients.

  • Mission

    Adopt the needs and objectives of our clients as our own and provide all the advice and professional support necessary for the efficient management of your accounting information.

  • Objectives

    Our main objective is to help companies in the implementation of processes and accounting systems. We are constantly searching for the best business solutions, solutions that facilitate day to day, provide valuable information and involve all members of a company in one place. Our team is trained to provide intelligent solutions in order for companies to achieve their desired goals, with tools that are and adapt to their needs and budget.


Confidentiality and Security

We guarantee that all information received will be taken confidentially and discreetly, from the first contact with our clients.

Flexibility and Speed

We execute the works in an agile and efficient way, adapting ourselves to the needs of our clients. Our advice through the online system represents the fastest, most efficient and competitive offer on the market.


We consider our honesty and integrity as our most valuable asset in the market, generator of present and future customers.

We offer you the best professional, comprehensive and fast service for the professional development of your company, with little investment of time and quick response to our clients so that your company grows exponentially. We are the best in the sector and we work professionally and we go hand in hand with fundamental principles and virtues that we have established in our company, if you want to know more information about us or our services you can contact us in the contact section and we will gladly we will get in touch. Thank you.

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